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CB Joint Strategy
Interreg V-A Hungary-Croatia Cooperation Programme


Full name of the project: "Supporting the development of the HU-HR border region by a common strategy jointly formulated by the various actors of the cross-border area"


Project ID:                                 HUHR / 1902 / 3.1.1 / 0001

Project duration:                       2019. 09.01.- 2021. 08.31

Total cost:                                 289,592.50

EU contribution:                  EUR 246.153.62

National co-financing:                 EUR 28,959.25

Own contribution:                       EUR 14,479.63


Aim of the project: The overall aim of the project is to promote effective joint developments in the HU-HR region by analyzing the current situation and assessing the impact of the current HU-HR program, developing a common strategy jointly formulated by the various participants in the program area. Another overarching goal is to develop strategic project ideas that will form the basis for future development actions coordinated by the Pannon EGTC.

Specific activities:

Detailed situation analysis: which includes the following data: geographical accessibility / features, description of the demographic-economic situation, environmental features, infrastructural features, human resources, SWOT analysis, main development needs and challenges.

Methods: application of the regulations contained in the relevant regional and national documents, review of strategy documents; in-depth interviews with key actors, 7 workshops (3 HU, 4 HR) with active stakeholder participation (HU / HR); survey.

Review of the policy environment, including: Exploration and evaluation of existing EU and national development strategies, regulations, central programs relevant to the development of the border area; examination, collection and analysis of future EU intervention preferences for 2021-2027 and relevant EU level documents (HU / HR)

Impact assessment of the HU-HR CP for the period 2014-2020: the impact assessment assesses how ERDF support has contributed to the objectives of each PA / SO by trying to separate the impact of projects in the program area from parallel development processes.

Joint development strategy: Elaboration of a joint development strategy of the HU-HR border region with the relevant national development strategy document (s). Methods: 5 thematic workshops (2 HU, 3 HR), in-depth interviews, questionnaire survey (HU / HR)

Complex strategic project ideas: Outline at least 5 complex strategic project ideas that clearly serve the strategic objectives of the cross-border area: Objectives, potential partners, main content elements, results and impacts, indicative budget. Methods: 5 project workshops (2 HU, 3 HR), in-depth interviews (HU / HR)


A cross-border region where rivers connect not divide